The Journal of Buddhist Philosophy:

is a peer-reviewed journal that is dedicated to the academic discussion of Buddhist philosophy. It is published by SUNY Press. The first issue is scheduled to appear in Summer 2014. The journal invites submissions of articles on any topic in the field of Buddhist philosophy. We invite anyone interested to upload submissions under “submissions” on this website or to send inquiries for more information to [email protected].

The Journal of Buddhist Philosophy provides a forum for the exploration and investigation of Buddhist philosophy using terms from within the Buddhist tradition. Its primary focus is the discussion of concepts and arguments. The goal of the Journal of Buddhist Philosophy is twofold: 1) to foster and provide a forum for the academic discussion of Buddhist philosophy and 2) to allow Buddhist philosophy as an independent discipline to engage in conversations with buddhology, comparative philosophy, and Buddhist critical reflection.

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The Journal of Buddhist Philosophy features peer-reviewed original articles, reports on the most recent developments in the field worldwide, and reviews of the newest book length contributions to the field. It will cover Buddhist philosophy expounded in a variety of languages including Pali, Sanskrit, Tibetan, Chinese, Korean, Japanese, as well as English, developed by a wide range of schools as well as thinkers, and studied by means of diverse philosophical approaches.  In short, the Journal of Buddhist Philosophy facilitates the investigation of Buddhist philosophy as it has been developed over the past 2,500 years and its application to the questions and challenges of the contemporary age.